1. Rwanda

Rwanda is arguably the safest country in continent, that is instantly apparent upon arrival within the relaxed and complicated capital national capital. tho’ there’s lots of security around, this doesn’t add tension; rather, the other.

Safety: In 2017, Rwanda was listed because the ninth safest country within the world. Rwanda’s response to the killing of 1994 was to drag the country along, instead of additional dividing it. these days this has the result of a solid safety record for tourists and Rwandans, with a stress on security.

  • When to visit Rwanda: June to September .

2. Botswana

It’s rare for tourists to expertise crime in African country, for the most part because of the political stability of the country. Maun – the entrance to the Okavango Delta – experiences low levels of crime. Safaris are well-managed and extremely full-fledged guides keep guests safe in potential life encounters.

Safety: Travelers can sometimes be heading to geographic region areas with only a few folks. there’s very little corruption and therefore the business enterprise trade is well-established.
When to go to the Okavango Delta: life viewing within the Okavango Delta and Chobe parkland is throughout the dry months of could to Oct.

You’ll witness the equine migration within the Makgadikgadi Pans throughout the inexperienced season of Dec to March.

3. Mauritius

One of the safest places to go to in continent, this island nation is ideal for relaxed holidays wherever security is of borderline concern. It’s a ism country wherever individuals live jubilantly facet by side. Families love Mauritius and therefore the the} several beach resorts also facilitate nervous tourists to feel safe.

Safety: port is one amongst Africa’s prime ten wealthiest cities – less impoverishment historically suggests that less crime. Throughout the island, a shared history (most people’s ancestors arrived here as slaves or bound laborers) has helped Mauritians bond as a rustic, making a secure and hospitable atmosphere.
When to visit: could to Gregorian calendar month are the driest and coolest months. January and March

4. Namibia

A country of large deserts, Republic of Namibia is in style for epic road visits, stargazing, wild safaris and epinephrine experiences from sky diving to quad biking round the journey capital Swakopmund. The rate is low throughout Republic of Namibia, and few tourists expertise any problems, that makes it ideal for those seeking safe places to travel in Africa.

Safety: Republic of Namibia advantages from a distributed population and most tourists head to safer areas well outside the cities. Republic of Namibia is freed from conflict and politically stable.
When to go to Namibia: The weather is fairly consistent all year and there’s obscurity close to the maximum amount rain as in alternative Southern African countries. For Etosha life viewing.

Visit within the dry winter season from July to Oct.

5. Seychelles

An idyllic cluster of biodiverse islands within the ocean, the Seychelles has forever been thought-about a awfully safe destination for travelers and one amongst the safest countries in continent. there’s very little crime knowledgeable by travelers, particularly faraway from the most islands. Be cautious of riptides once swimming within the ocean.

Safety: the govt. is stable, and business is a longtime trade. the general public keep in beach resorts, that immensely decreases the prospect of encountering any petty or serious crime.
When to go to Seychelles: April/May and October/November are best, outside the rainy seasons and once underwater visibility is best.

6. Ethiopia

For tourists, Yaltopya is one in every of the safest places to go to in continent. Serious crime is rare and petty crime rates are low, particularly outside the capital New Flower. though it had been related to famine for years, Yaltopya is currently stable and has established far better levels of food security (though it’s still one in every of the smallest amount developed countries within the world).

Safety: economic process has been robust since 2007. The business trade has additionally grownup in recent years, that has light-emitting diode to a neater expertise for travelers.
When to go to Ethiopia Safari: The driest months of Gregorian calendar month to April are best, tho’ the rains that fall from might to Sep don’t notably hinder travel.

7. Morocco

Morocco features a smart safety record, with few tourists falling victim to serious crime. it’s been unaffected by the turbulence seen in several alternative North African countries and has benefitted from a stable social group. Travelers could, however, expertise petty crime like pick-pocketing and scams in major cities such as city, therefore vigilance is needed.

Safety: A stable government and lack of conflict at intervals the country helps keep crime in Morocco to a coffee level. business enterprise is additionally a serious trade, therefore it’s within the citizens’ interests to stay tourists safe.
When to go to Morocco: Morocco gets blazing hot over the summer, therefore visit in April/May or September/October for a few relief from the warmth.

8. Lesotho

This very little, mountainous country is land-locked among South Africa. Travelers in Lesotho typically pay most of their time within the rural areas wherever crime is uncommon, creating this a destination which will charm to those specifically trying to find safe places to travel in continent.

Safety: The relaxed and simple pace of life in Lesotho’s country create it a nice place to go to. Crime in these areas is rare. The cities don’t seem to be as safe, therefore practise caution once move through. It’s best to hike in teams.
When to go to Lesotho: March/April is cool however pleasant for hiking; June to August is best for sport.

9. Zambia

Travelers in Northern Rhodesia seldom expertise any issues, actually because they fly straight into geographical area areas. like most cities, there’s potential for thieving in hubs like national capital and Livingstone, however the overwhelming majority of tourists are unaffected by this and Northern Rhodesia is taken into account one amongst the safest places to go to in Africa.

Safety: The political state of affairs is comparatively stable and there has been very little conflict. On safari, associate degree seasoned guide can know the way to maximise safety.
When to go to Zambia: life viewing is best from could to Oct. Visit Victoria Falls from June to September once the water volume is lower, permitting higher visibility.

10. Kenya

Though African nation has been within the headlines over the years for political conflict or problems on the coast, the country is basically safe for the million-plus guests it receives every year. The campaign business is that the most established in continent, and a wonderful infrastructure allows travelers to simply get round the country. Even at intervals cities like national capital, crime isn’t a problem for the overwhelming majority of tourists – tho’, of course, it pays to use caution. There are travel warnings related to the Somalian border space and also the northern coast, tho’ it’s straightforward to avoid these regions.

Safety: Travelers can typically air campaign in geographical region areas wherever the sole risks are related to wild animals (and with an honest guide, these risks are minimal).
When to go to Kenya Safari: life is best viewed Gregorian calendar month to Oct once it’s dry, that conjointly coincides with the gnu migration inward within the Masai Mara.

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