Aberdares National Park Safari

Daily Tour Aberdares National Park
Aberdare National Park, Ndaragwa, Kenya Asia

Aberdares National Park Safari

The Aberdare park within the central highlands of African nation retains an air of mystery – you’ll solely imagine what undiscovered creatures still lurk here, like rare Black Leopards. The Aberdare park covers most of the highlands of African nation. This fantastically scenic region is way cooler than the savannahs and offers a very totally different perspective on the country. Game viewing is more difficult creating sightings sudden surprises. The scenery is spectacular with its mountainous tract lined in thick tropical forests swathed in mist. At 10,000ft (3,000m), the bamboo offers thanks to champaign, home to antelope, noticed and melanistic Felis serval cats. different options are the enormous alpine forms of herbaceous plant, weed and heather. Ideal for walking, picnics, tenting and trout fishing within the rivers, the moorlands are paying homage to the ecu highlands.

The beautiful mountain scenery is one of the highlights of a visit to this National Park
The park has several picturesque waterfalls
Rare animals – Black Serval, Black Leopard (seldom seen) and the Eastern Bongo (a huge forest Antelope) Watching animals come to the waterhole at the famous Treetops Lodge.

Best time to visit
All year round.

Getting to Masai Mara
By Road: The park is accessible on tarmac from Nyeri and Naro Moru on the eastern side.

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